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Patient Testimonials

Visual health is so important to our wellbeing.

We understand this well at Clemson Eye and bring the best in technology, training and patient care to ensure superior visual outcomes for our patients.

For our eye doctors and professional staff, there is little more gratifying than the fantastic feedback we receive from our eye care patients. Below are a few examples.

5 stars Recommended
I am extremely satisfied with my surgery from Clemson Eye. There is nothing like waking up and being able to see! The Clemson eye staff treated me well and the surgery went perfectly. Highly recommend this company!

5 stars 5
Have been very happy with my eye doctor. He isalways interested in the quality of vision I have and knows how to help!

5 stars Recommended
Overall the experience has been absolutely worth it. I had the PRK enhancement since I had Lasik 20 years ago. Only advice I give is DON'T overestimate that "70% immediate correction and get the rest of the next several weeks". That "30%" is substantial and i'm just now (5 weeks) getting the vision where i'm comfortable. And the vision will fluctuate fairly wildly over those 1st weeks. But the good news is that its still getting better so i'm really excited.

4 stars 4
Very professional; had a pleasant experience

5 stars 5
She was very personable and patient with me. I had my 9 month old daughter with me and it never was a problem

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