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Patient Testimonials

Visual health is so important to our wellbeing.

We understand this well at Clemson Eye and bring the best in technology, training and patient care to ensure superior visual outcomes for our patients.

For our eye doctors and professional staff, there is little more gratifying than the fantastic feedback we receive from our eye care patients. Below are a few examples.

5 stars 5
My experience with Clemson Eye so far was ok. I was first of all very impressed with the buildings interior and was delightfully surprised at the effort put in to make it feel inviting and comfortable. Thats huge, at least for me because doctors offices tend to go for functionality and sometimes feel cold. Did not feel get that vibe, at least from the building.The staff seemed pleasant enough. The assistant who helped me wasnt the warmest of people and thats fine at bare minimum, I get it some people arent people people, but she seemed efficient and eventually warmed up a little since I had my toddler with me. Her name? No idea. No one cared enough to mention. I dont feel super comfortable relaying my personal health information to people I dont know or will never see again and for some reason its widely accepted as normal. (Bring normality back into knowing or at least becoming familiar with people that YOU give permission to put your health in their hands!!)We waited a significant amount of time for the doctor. Like 45 mins. Luckily we packed snacks.When he came in he skipped introducing himself, which if Im going to lay down over $5k for a procedure, Id like to feel like Im important enough to be addressed and at the very least, introduced with the person who will be pointing a freaking laser in my eyeball. The visit was very short. He talked very fast like I was interrupting lunch time, which it almost was given that I was there promptly at 9:30am.I gathered that hes very good at what he does-which I loved. Hes to the point and gave helpful information, also great but zero points for letting the patient get in two words edgewise-(which fine i get, doctors in general think they know everything, but SPOILER ALERT they dont know ME and Im not like everyone else as Im sure youre the same in that aspect as well) I think is, again, its pretty important to at the VERY LEAST begin to develop a report with someone whose eye you will later on be pointing a freaking laser in their eye. This is Dr. Kenneth III by the way didnt catch his last name tbh.He gave me good information, but again it was fast and for me, I need to write down relayed information to remember because, hello, mom of 4 here, my cognitive function aint what it used to be-working on that. And hes probably would have known that if he gave me a chance. But I digress.Claire who helped us check out was a gem. Her I felt I was properly introduced and passed onto. She was super cute, bubbly and ber friendly. I loved that she was sweet with my daughter. Noted, the doctor was too, but I like to know that I exist sometimes. Weird, I know.I am full on debating on going back based on my overall experience. I feel at this point I have some helpful information that if needed to, I could effectively and holistically treat my eyes myself (Im not a doctor but am wholeheartedly into the woo woo herb and healing scene and Ive taken gobs of medical related classes at university to know my way around the human body). Im no dum-dum.So as of now its a matter of convenience going back. I know I could def use that shiny penny in the realm of $5k beautifully and efficiently. I may not have a freaking laser at hand but what I could deliver would be way less painful, non-invasive, and I would definitely treat myself a whole lot better in the process.Of course, this is all just my opinion based on my experience and since this review was sent to me, I was invited to share it.

4 stars 4
It was very busy when I went for my normal checkup but the wait wasnt terrible. The online check-in process helps and its very thorough. Dr Brown is who I saw and hes good. Once I got past the wait everything went quickly and Im happy with the experience. Would recommend.

5 stars 5
Staff was very kind and patient with my 5 year old daughter, explained everything and made us feel comfortable throughout the whole appointment.

5 stars 5
Great office Great doctors

5 stars Recommended
Had cataract surgery yesterday that was nothing short of AMAZING! Dr Montgomery is just wonderful! Highly HIGHLY recommended!!!

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