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Patient Testimonials

Visual health is so important to our wellbeing.

We understand this well at Clemson Eye and bring the best in technology, training and patient care to ensure superior visual outcomes for our patients.

For our eye doctors and professional staff, there is little more gratifying than the fantastic feedback we receive from our eye care patients. Below are a few examples.

5 stars 5
Took care of my few daughter's eye issues famously

4 stars 4
Although a busy practice, I had NO waiting time! How wonderful! Staff seemed a bit pressured for time. However, EVERYONE I interacted with was very professional and friendly. Things ran very smoothly, I never waited for anyone to perform a test or consultation. I was very comfortable with Dr Johnson and his explanation of my eye status was easy to understand.The parking is an issue, not enough spaces. Maybe staff can park at another location if they are not already doing so.There was one test I had that I did not care for the method used. I have had my eye pressure tested many times. The large scope that the doctor looks through is what has been used to test eye pressure anytime I had this test at any eye doctor previously. But today, the eye tech used a hand held device. She apparently was having trouble getting the device to work because she repeatedly tapped the end against my eyes, looked at the reading, then tapped again, etc. Although my eyes had been numbed and I felt no pain, I was not confident the device took a proper reading and I did not like for something to be tapped over and over against my eyes. This device may work all of the time and not cause any irritation to the eyes but it is my perception that it did not seem to work well and I wondered if the repeated tapping would cause an issue.

5 stars 5
Absolutely pleasant! I had a small cyst on my eye removed. It was so fast and painless. The staff was probably the nicest I have ever seen. The doc has a great personality and made me super comfortable. Not to mention, the building is one of the prettiest buildings I have ever seen. Thank you all! I would recommend to anyone e. Prices are amazing!

5 stars 5
My appointment was @ 7:55 and I was taken back @ 8:10. There was people taken back first that came in after I did.

5 stars 5
Very pleased with the service and professionalism of Clemson Eye. Dr. Garrett is very personable and puts you at ease. Very good at explaining the procedures.

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