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Patient Testimonials

Visual health is so important to our wellbeing.

We understand this well at Clemson Eye and bring the best in technology, training and patient care to ensure superior visual outcomes for our patients.

For our eye doctors and professional staff, there is little more gratifying than the fantastic feedback we receive from our eye care patients. Below are a few examples.

5 stars 5
Very pleased front desk was courteous. The Technician Ms. Taylor was very professional, courteous, polite, knowable. Dr. Munn awesome in explaining the importance of being a Diabetic and the effects it has on the eyes. And wanted Simaya to know that he wanted to be part of her eye care and maintain healthy eyesight. . This was our first time seeing Clemson Eye the neatness, cleaness over all very pleased. The Gentleman that helped with her prescription was very patience with Simaya in choosing her frame . And it was near closing but he wanted her to pick the frame she wanted even after trying to decide the color he didn't rush her into a decision. He wanted her to be happy with her choice. That's patience. Patient Simaya Mance Wheeler. Grandmother Ms. Odessa Henderson. Simaya a happy patient. Thanks

4 stars 4
I love the folks at Clemson Eye and I feel like I get a great exam but they are always behind schedule. I've been going there for three years and I always have to wait 20 - 30 minutes past my appointment time before I am called in for my exam.

5 stars 5
We had an appointment for my 18 month old daughter, we accidentally went to the wrong clemson eye which was located 10 minutes away. We end up getting there a little over 20 minutes late, because we were waiting at the other one for a little over 5 minutes and then it took around 5 minutes to get to the car and put our daughter back in the car. Once we got there, thankfully we didn't have to worry about parking so we were able to get in the building rather quickly. They were so nice, we explained why we were late and we made sure to apologize. We really thought we were going to have to reschedule but they let us in, and we were amazed and so grateful. I absolutely loved my experience here, and I'm so happy I found the perfect place for my daughter. I highly recommend this place absolutely amazing and so understanding

5 stars 5
Wow! Doctors like him are few and far between these days! Dr. Carlson was very observant and attentive to my eye needs. I highly recommend him.

5 stars 5
Dr. Riddle was excellent when I saw him for an emergency eye appointment. He was very approachable, caring, and capable! That said, my eye condition is a bit complex and kind of a mystery currently. Because of this, Dr. Riddle examined me and had another doctor (Dr. Epstein) pop in to examine me as well for a second opinion right there in the office to make sure we werent missing anything at that emergency appointment. I found it very reassuring that Dr. Riddle had the confidence and thoroughness to pull in other resources when there was a challenging case. Dr. Epstein seemed great too and very happy to help us despite being busy herself at that time, and she agreed with Dr. Riddles findings. They both did a great job explaining things to me. We are still working on figuring out the cause of my eye condition, but I do feel like Im in great hands with Dr. Riddle and the Clemson Eye team!
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