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Patient Testimonials

Visual health is so important to our wellbeing.

We understand this well at Clemson Eye and bring the best in technology, training and patient care to ensure superior visual outcomes for our patients.

For our eye doctors and professional staff, there is little more gratifying than the fantastic feedback we receive from our eye care patients. Below are a few examples.

5 stars 5
Everyone was very friendly and made taking a 3 year old to the eye doctor a fun and relaxing event. We are self pay and I was very concerned that my child would need glasses and they would be very expensive at a private eye doctor. But they had great options that were reasonable for us.

5 stars 5
My experience with Clemson Eye has been great, from start to finish. Dr. Brown and the office staff were incredibly patient with my questions and concerns leading up to surgery and made me feel at ease after 2-3 years of putting off the decision. Dr. Parisi was also very helpful and did a great job on my surgery, leaving me seeing 20/15 after healing. My vision continues to clear and improve and I am so thankful not to have to take my contacts out each night. Thank you to the wonderful team at Clemson Eye!

5 stars Recommended
I want to stress that this review is for Lasik only, as I have not used Clemson Eye as my own personal eye care provider. To tell you that my experience was incredible is an understatement. The original consultation was very easy to schedule and incredibly informative. The lasik procedure itself was originally rescheduled because of an issue with the lasers, but they rescheduled me incredibly quickly and kept me informed of any changes the entire time. My only complaint is the wait time before the procedure, which I'm sure there's a reason for anyway, as they do give you something to ease the anxiety of having your eyes worked on so it is probably a way to ensure the medication is working before you go under the laser. Everyone who interacted with me was absolutely pleasant though and my surgeon even called me the Sunday after lasik just to check on how things were going. if you are second guessing getting lasik because of being worried about pain, then rest assured that as long as you are doing what you're instructed to after your procedure you'll be fine. I'm on day 4 after lasik and I have had 0 pain, itching, or burning since having it done. As soon as the lights no longer have a halo around them, I'm confident my vision will be astounding. I almost cried when sitting up after having it done. Even though my eyes were incredibly sensitive to light, the ability to see without glasses made me so happy. If anything changes, I'll update. but just know that for lasik, you're in good hands with Clemson eye on pelham road

5 stars 5
Diagnosed my problem set up surgery to fix it.

5 stars 5
I was so impressed with a very nice nurse named Mickey. She was so professional, kind and charming. I was also impress with the teamwork displayed by everyone there.

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