Laser Cataract Surgery

Surgeons Drs. Don Glaser, Joseph Parisi and Brian Johnson in the LenSx laser suite


Clemson Eye invested in the very first LenSx® laser in Upstate South Carolina at Piedmont Surgery Center in Greenville.


In addition, we were among the first 50 practices in the nation to offer this revolutionary technology for a truly customized cataract treatment.

The LenSx® laser improves the way modern cataract laser eye surgery is performed. It is 100% customized for your eye. Until recently, cataract surgery required the use of a manual surgical blade to open the eye and capsule supporting the lens. Manual incisions increased the chance of outcome variability.

With LenSx® laser FDA approval, eye surgeons now have consistent incisions that are up to ten times more precise than the manual portions of the cataract surgical procedure.4 Customized for each unique eye, laser cataract surgery performs advanced astigmatism treatments to ensure the very best visual result. The precision and customization of the LenSx® laser is perfectly suited to patients seeking an improved visual outcome through an advanced lens implant, like the ReStor® or Toric® lens implants.

Chief ophthalmologist and surgeon Dr. Joseph Parisi

The LenSx laser boosts our surgical potential since the precision of a laser trumps a handheld blade many times over, even a blade in the hands of a highly skilled surgeon. Laser cataract surgery is the approach I would recommend for my patients.

Joseph ParisiMD, FRCSC, FACS

This "blade-free" laser approach to cataract surgery allows the surgeon to improve the predictability of the procedure, with increased precision, accuracy and faster healing time. Laser cataract surgery is the most precise and gentle way to remove a diseased lens. The procedure takes about 15 minutes.



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