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LASIK Cost Section

LASIK Saves You Money

When we looked at the actual costs of eye wear over a lifetime versus the cost of LASIK, LASIK was the more cost effective choice. By a long shot. Based on an average life expectancy of 74 years, here are the numbers.

Cost Assumptions

Prescription Glasses
$200 every other year
Prescription Sunglasses
$350 every other year
Contact Lenses
$40 per month
Contact Lens Cleaning Supplies and Drops
$15 per month
Average Cost of Wearing Glasses and Contacts
$935 per year
Average Cost of LASIK for Both Eyes
$4,600 one time


20-year old saves almost
30-year old saves more than
40-year old saves more than
50-year old saves more than
Based on average cost assumptions


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