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When I went for my annual eye exam, I asked about the extra skin on my eyelids to see if that could be causing some of the vision issues I had. The doctor said it certainly could and he wanted to send me to an eye surgeon. He recommended Dr. Glaser at Clemson Eye and set up an appointment with him.

When I arrived, I was greeted by a very friendly and professional staff. I was called back to an examining room and my eyes were checked by a staff member before Dr. Glaser came in. He was very professional and caring about my concerns. He felt very confident that removing the extra skin would help my vision. He wanted to complete the required steps from Medicare to see if they approved for my surgery.

After the results of his testing, Medicare-approved the operation. He did an excellent job and I have been so pleased. I had other concerns about my skin tone and swelling under the eyes from allergies and asked if he could reduce that. That is when he said before you do anything else, you need to consult with Janice upstairs in their aesthetic department.

I made an appointment for a consult with Janice and that is when I found a very professional, well-trained staff in all the things they do. I was truly blessed to find such professional, caring technicians at Clemson Eye. The Halo Laser treatment by Janice was just amazing. My skin looks and feels youthful again. Courtney did my permanent makeup and I am so extremely pleased. Looks so natural and I spend a lot less time putting on makeup. I love, love Clemson Eye, and will always be a part of their eye care and aesthetics program. They are the BEST!

Cynthia Hardwick

★★★★ Google Review

I had an eye exam by Dr. Dodgens, she was very helpful explaining what would be best to help me with my visual needs. I also purchased new glasses and absolutely love them I can see things I didn’t realize I was missing. Thank you Dr. Dodgens and the whole staff at Clemson Eye.

Elijah Maciejewski

★★★★ Google Review

I have had very poor eye sight since I was a small child. The time came for me to explore the possibilities of corrective eye surgery. Clemson Eye was recommended to me and I made an appointment with Dr. Parisi. My experience so far has been incredible! The office staff is probably one of the best I have ever experienced, they are extremely efficient and friendly. I went to the Piedmont Eye Surgery clinic on Thursday the 19th of November to have my 1st eye done. The staff there was equally as efficient and friendly as the Clemson Clinic. I would highly recommend if you are looking into having eye surgery that you consider Dr. Parisi and his staff. You won’t be disappointed!!!!

Steven Scriba

Fecebook Review

The best staff and I’ve had a wonderful result from my LASIK. I would refer anyone here.

Amber Cantrell

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