Laser Cataract Surgery Testimonials

Beverly Sweitzer

I'm just delighted that since my surgery, I no longer have to wear glasses.

Beverly Sweitzer of Easley, SC, is an avid quilter. "I recently had laser cataract surgery with a ReSTOR® lens implant done by Dr. Johnson at Clemson Eye. It was easy and painless. I was very happy because the next morning I could thread these tiny needles I use to sew quilt patches together. I didn't need glasses or the magnifying glass I used to have to use,” says Sweitzer.


Mike Chandler

Now, after laser cataract surgery with the ReSTOR® lens, I can sit back comfortably to do what I used to have to do close up.

Mike Chandler is Wood Turner and Former Engineer who lives in Seneca, SC. “When I moved to Seneca, one of the things I took up was wood turning,” says Mike. “I’d been wearing reading glasses since I was 45 years old. Wore them up until a year ago, when I had cataract surgery. I found for the extremely small work I do, I needed increasingly higher powered lenses, which caused me to have to move in closer to be able to see."


Carol Bridges

I don’t have to bother with glasses anymore. It’s wonderful.

Carol Bridges works part-time as a dental hygienist in Pickens, SC, and very much depends on good vision to perform her work. When Carol started to notice colors diming and driving becoming more difficult, she booked an eye exam at Clemson Eye. Her eye doctor, Dr. Joe Parisi, confirmed she had cataracts. After discussing all the options with him, Bridges chose laser-assisted cataract surgery with an advanced multifocal lens implant: “I work at close range all day long. The laser surgery with the multifocal lens, the ReSTOR® lens, has changed my life. It’s made my work so much easier,” says Bridges


Doug Durnin

I wore bifocals for about 40 years before my surgery,” he says. “I don’t need them anymore. I am very happy about that!

Octogenarian Doug Durnin put off seeking treatment for his cataracts for quite a while, but when his deteriorating vision started to really interfere with his work, he gave in and went to see Dr. Donald Glaser at Clemson Eye. Doug and his wife, Mary Durnin, own Canterbury Tails Farm. They have run the farm in Townville, SC, for 22 years and rescued up to 26 horses at a time. Doug had a modern “multifocal” lens implanted, which corrected his near and distance vision.


Vicky Kingsmore

It’s a much brighter world.

Both Vicky Kingsmore and her husband Doug have had laser cataract surgery with the ReSTOR® lens implant. “It’s a different world,” she says. “I don’t need to look for my glasses anymore, because I can read just about anything without them.” Vicky and Doug Kingsmore are residents of Clemson, and Clemson University benefactors.


Ray Lockhart

You can say it’s an ‘operation’, but it didn’t feel like it to me!

Ray Lockhart, Veteran and recreational tennis player, is a recent patient of Dr. Parisi, “The procedure was fantastic,” Lockhart says. “For as long as I can remember, I’ve had to wear glasses. I had cataracts in both eyes, so I was happy when Dr. Parisi told me he could remove them and eliminate the need for me to wear glasses. Believe me, it is like a new world for me without glasses. I’ve given all my old glasses to the Lion’s Club!” He adds that, “The procedure was quick and painless”.


Diane Hurst

Through the advanced technology and the surgical expertise of Dr. Justin Roman, I have been divinely blessed with the miracle of 20/20 vision when others over the years gave me no hope.

laser cataract surgery patient Diane Hurst

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